Newcastle Next: What will Newcastle be like in 100 Years

The 2114 turmoil is still over development. The light rail in King St almost 100 years ago was extended to Merewether, with a branch to Adamstown and down to Belmont.

The Adamstown terminal branches to Speers point and back to the Station at Glendale The debate about going under or over the Lake channel and further down the East side has not been resolved.

The hub at the center of the combined older areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie now called “Macquarie Castle” has proved to be efficient located at the near center of the

Newcastle Next: What will Newcastle be like in 100 Years TweetFacebookCombined areas. Speers Point with plenty of land reserved almost 100 years ago, enabled the Council to build a large 2 story building.

It was to overcome the issue of staff wasting time going downstairs to smoke from the old crumbling sandstone edifice which became too costly to repair.

The central Art gallery, created by extending the old Lake Macquarie Gallery has proved popular because it is nearer the center of the city with pleasant exterior views of the lake and the newer style high speed boats at Marmong Point.

Another debate that took years to resolve was the location of the Station for the fast train to Sydney. It only stops west of Gosford and at Strathfield. The extension to Brisbane is almost complete.

The huge car park just past the off ramp from the M1 to the Northern expressway, has light rail back to Broad Meadow, and was designed to provide equal access to the Northern enlarged towns in the valley as well as from Macquarie Castle Council.

The people living at the edge of the city near the old entertainment precinct complained bitterly that the location meant changing transport modes.

Another light rail link from this interchange wound back to Maitland shortening the journey to Sydney and the Council offices at Speers Point. The heavy rail bypass from Fassifern to Hexham has been removed after coal ran out in the Central Coast.

The Speers Point light rail terminates at a high speed ferry terminal serving most areas of the Lake, and proved to be popular with Sydney and International visitors.

The debate about the light rail going under or over the Hunter River was settled and the service to the Airport and Port Stevens enlarged housing areas. The 6 lane road to Port Stephens was constructed when the Airport was extended.

The Airport now out to the edge of the sea, with the main road going under the runway, reduces noise for Raymond Terrace and access to Port Stephens and the Visiting holiday Ship terminal. Now that the Port is coming back to the State a Local shipping terminal may become a possibility.

Since driverless cars became popular, the number of bingles has dropped dramatically. Buses are needed for a few School children with planners still figuring out how to remove all buses.

Trucks now all have black boxes, and the annual retesting is working well. Commuters key in their location and destination, and with a card swipe, a nearby car picks them up and drops them at the closest light rail station.

Most of the old inner city buildings, including previously decaying heritage listed buildings, have been replaced with functionally better-designed high-rise buildings with views to the harbour and sea. Set backs have widened many streets. The entertainment area relocated west of the old city where walking, riding and view amenities are of lesser value.

Bicycles are used more since driverless cars have eliminated car and bike collisions and parking changed to one meter from the kerb or eliminated on narrow roads where bicycle tracks were unable to be provided. Some footpaths have been dedicated to dual bicycle and pedestrian use with an 8 km speed limit till new bicycle lanes are complete.

The Macquarie Castle Town Hall above Teralba with a moving walkway from the station to the Town Hall has magnificent views. It was designed similar to the Queenstown NZ idea of last century. It has brought many more visitors to Macquarie Castle and is a major function center. The intent to have the Macquarie Castle Town Hall on top of Munibung Hill with views 9 Kms down the Lake and back to Old Newcastle is being reconsidered.

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